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  • 26.00 

    The hmlCLEA SEAMLESS TOP combines stretchy fabric with BEECOOL® technology and antibacterial fabric treatment, all in a flexible, seamless construction. The back of this hummel® top has knitted mesh for additional ventilation during exercise. The silicone band in the bottom hem prevents the top from riding up, so it’ll stay in place during all those upside-down yoga positions!

  • 35.00 

    Made from stretchy fabric with a seamless construction, the hmlCLEA SEAMLESS MID WAIST TIGHTS provide natural moisture-wicking properties combined with BEECOOL® technology and antibacterial treatments. Mesh ventilation at the backs of the knees keeps these high-heat areas cooler. These hummel® tights have a mid-rise waist and a tight fit that lifts and shapes. Wear these tights for your yoga classes, pilates sessions, or any day-to-day tasks that require high energy, flexible movement and lasting comfort.

  • 8.00 

    As the days get colder, it’s important to keep your kid wrapped up warm. So, the hmlPARK BEANIE is a great addition to their autumn/winter wardrobe. Made of acrylic, the knit fabric of this hummel® beanie is super cosy and comfy. The logo badge adds a fun extra to a classic piece.

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    MINNEAPOLIS LEGEND kedai yra puikus lengvo svorio sportinių batų variantas, neprilygstamam gyvenimo būdui. Padas aprūpintas mūsų AEROTECH technologija, o batviršis pagamintas iš lengvo nailono su permatomu viršutiniu ir TPU atspaudu.